DMAME Journal : Insights and challenges into decision management and operational analytics

Every organization, whether manufacturing or service, starts with a decision and ends with a decision. Between these two, organizations make numerous decisions determining the organization's future. Taking a broader view, it can be said that micro and macro systems, as well as public and private systems, are formed, grow, survive, or collapse due to our decisions. Managers and system owners are responsible for making decisions, arguably their most important role. As we live in a globalized society, this process has been challenged on a number of levels. The growth and development of organizations, the impression, and effectiveness of systems, the occasionally unimaginable quantity of data, successive environmental changes, etc., have forced decision-makers to consider the dimensions of complexity and uncertainty in their decisions. Complexity refers to the existence of a multitude of data or quantitative and qualitative indicators (often conflicting) and the relationships between them. Uncertainty refers, on the one hand, to ambiguity in experts' judgments (problem owners), and on the other hand, to a future diverse from today's. Specifically, facing complex and uncertain problems perplexes and disempowers decision-makers. In reaction, decision management can assist decision-makers ... More informations